Company Name Kawashiri Tree Nursery Ltd.
Headquarter 〒899-0216
928-2 Onoharacho, Izumi, Kagoshima
Phone Number 0996-62-2234
Fax Number 0996-62-8569
Email Address
Business Hours 7:30 AM ~ 5:30 PM
Established September 1st, 1993
Chairman Hiroshi Kawashiri
President Hiroyuki Kawashiri
Company Business
  • Business related to the production, purchase, sale, and export of trees.
  • Business related to landscaping and greenery construction contracting.
  • All business incidental to the preceding items.


1973 Hiroshi Kawashiri founded Kawashiri Tree Nursery.
1993 Kawashiri Tree Nursery was incorporated
2005 Commenced oversea exporting to China and Vietnam